Fender Covers

First of all, fender socks or fender covers help you protect your boat top side because rubber fenders damage boat`s paint or gel coat while docking. Second, boat fender socks improve the look of your boat with color variations and customized embroidery and paintings. Lastly, you can protect your fenders from UV rays so they don`t melt and stick.

Yes, you should have covers on your fenders as well. All fenders regardless of size are made of the same material which damages on boat’s paint or gel coat significantly.

The best way to select the right fender size for your boat is to search your marina or docking area to figure out what fender is mostly used for the same size and weight of boat. Additionally, you can refer your survey to find out the required amount of fenders. You can also depend on manufacturer’s suggestions to pick up the right size such as Polyform, Taylor Made, Majoni and etc.

Recommended inflation is 2 psi. You don’t need to deflate the fender totally in order to cover your fender. You just put it on as it is described at the back of package. However, covers may stretch or loose a little due to over or under inflation. Therefore, Procover suggests you pulling the ends tight while fitting your fender cover so the boat fender cover fits firmly on the fender.

Yes, you have to use fender covers to protect the superyacht’s gel coat which is more sensitive than other boats and yachts.

Yes, all Procover brand fender covers or fender socks have UV protection which assures longer life than other brand boat fender covers in the marketplace.

The fabric used for boat fender covers are %100 polyester which is the most resistant fabric against harsh marine environment. Unlike the other acrylic fender covers, polyester fender covers last long and keep their form.

We do not recommend acrylic fender covers since they absorb water and deform. Acrylic fender covers distort so they will get loose and never fit again onto fenders. Also, soft characteristic of acrylic does not provide enough reliability and durability against harsh marine environment.

No, we don’t need to manufacture double layer fender covers since the polyester fabric is strong and resistant enough. Unlike the acrylic fender covers, our polyester fender covers can be used on huge fenders and superyachts with single layer.

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You can send us an e-mail regarding your request after you place an order online. We kindly ask you to mention all details of the embroidery and paint including the size, font, color, tone and so on.

We did our best to be crystal clear while explaining suitable fender sizes for our covers. However, you might still have some questions about your fender size so you can feel free to send us email regarding your questions and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

Yes, you have the right to return your purchase as long as the covers are not used and are in original package. We guarantee %100 customer satisfaction and respect customers’ choices.

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