We have been producing boat fender covers in 1994 with the finest quality fabrics which are made of industrial polyester yarn. We manufacture boat fender covers in our own facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. We are the first company penetrated boat fender covers into Turkish market at the beginning of 90’s and the boat fender covers became very popular in a short period. Although there are some other manufacturers of boat fender covers and foreign brand fender covers in the market, Procover is the market leader as it is the most well known brand with the highest quality fender cover in Turkish market.

We started to export boat fender covers to entire world after 1999. Procover brand fender covers have been distributed in USA, Australia and Italy by big marine and boating distributors. Furthermore, we established business relationship with several resellers, wholesalers, marinas and yacht clubs in different countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, France, Croatia, Qatar and etc. We launched a branch office in California, USA in June, 2011 to manage overseas operations. We have selling channels at several countries but still we are in search of new distributors to reach whole market in particular countries. Please send us an email for any distribution opportunity at info@fender-cover.com . Furthermore, we manage this web site for online shopping which is designed to reach all captains and boat owners from entire world. We can deliver any particular order of boat fender covers to any spot all around the world.

Brand Vision

As a worldwide supplier of boat fender covers, Naris Marine and Boat Supply, we manufacture each fender cover with a commitment and dedication to superior workmanship and quality to protect our customer’s valuable assets, their boats and yachts. When you purchase Procover, you are investing in quality boat fender cover that is durable and reliable. We continually set the highest standards of customer satisfaction for boat fender covers in boating industry.

Corporate Citizenship

As we are helping our customers protecting their boats or yachts, we are aware of our responsibilities to save the marine environment while manufacturing boat fender covers. We assure all stakeholders that our boat fender covers never pollute the marine and environment. Besides, we cooperate with all parties to protect the natural life and sustainability of environment.