Procover Boat Fender Covers

Boat fender covers are made from dyed polyester yarn which is knitted exclusively to the highest standarts using industrial fiber. High quality of the fabric provides reliability and durability for boat fender covers against harsh marine environment. Stretch polyester fabric ensures a nice tight fit to the fender. Moreover, boat fender covers are secured with one end fitted and the other a draw string end. Therefore, boat fender cover is easily put on fender. There are 7 different color options for fender covers as: Black, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Green, Gray, Taupe, Cream. Furthermore, boat fender covers can be customized with different embroidery applications of boat name, yacht name and logo of your boat or yacht.


– Quick and easy installation on fender
– Covers the fender perfectly
– Resistant to sunlight, abrasion and water absorption
– Boat fender cover never sags, molds or rots
– Machine washable and embroidery applicable for customization
– Available in a variety of colours matching most common Sunbrella colors
– Environmentally friendly fender covers